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We have raised $17,000 for American Whitewater and Team River Runner and kept approx 800 lbs of kayaks out of the landfill since this project started!!! Thank you for your support!

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What is Boats2Boards?

Boats2Boards is a charity project which began in the depths of the COVID-19 pandemic. After a few years of recycling kayak outfitting by modifying cool old-school whitewater kayaks it was hard to ignore that we were still sending the hulls off to the landfill - even though they were marked as #2 recyclable plastic. It was maddening! 

It took a few years of development, but we are now able to recycle all linear HDPE kayaks into heavy-duty, and durable products. We want to make sure that when you buy a product from this project that it will be the last one you ever need. These are recycled products, so while they are 100% functional and beautiful you should expect some minor imperfections and artifacts from the process.

What organizations do you support?

American Whitewater is a river stewardship non-profit that works to protect and restore America’s whitewater rivers and to enhance opportunities to enjoy them safely. They achieve this primarily through advocacy work surrounding dams and the resources they are able to provide in terms of river access. Click to learn more!

Team River Runner is a national non-profit that provides free paddling programs for veterans and their families to encourage health, healing, community purpose, and new challenges. They are also the largest adaptive paddling organization including resources for people with motor and visual disabilities. Click to learn more!

What workmanship quality can I expect?

We strive for the highest possible quality with our boards, however they are HANDMADE and RECYCLED! Normally one side will be perfectly flat, which we classify as the "front". The other side will usually retain some small artefacts from the cooling process, usually the side labelled "back" (this is also the side we put the juice groove into). These artefacts should not interfere with use or cleaning! We occasionally sell ones with bigger artefacts for a discount. If you are needing something with even higher quality, please get in touch before you buy!

How do I know the money is actually donated?

Backyard Boat Shop donated more to American Whitewater than any other Industry Partner retailer in 2022. We would love to break our record for 2023! Click here to see the current Industry Partner List. You can also read more about our origins in the March 2023 AW Journal.

Are these dishwasher safe?

To an extent! The boards warp over time if used regularly in the dishwasher, however have not seen any ill effects over the first couple washes. We recommend primarily hand washing, and using a "delicate" cycle and placing the board on the top rack of dishwasher if a deeper clean is required to ensure the longevity of your board!

How can I donate my broken kayak?

We collect donated kayaks from across the East Coast and beyond in partnership with the Team River Runner Hand Paddles Project, and a number of local retailers. Get in touch with us on social media or our email to arrange transportation!

What about food safety?

Whitewater kayaks are made out of 100% HDPE plastic, the same as a milk jug or plastic cutting board you might buy in the store. We follow the FDA guidance on the use of recycled plastics which contact food. This dates back over 30 years to 1992 and you can read it for yourself by clicking here. At the end of the day, it is up to you and your own best judgement about how to use our products.