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Recycled Kayak Logo Boards

Recycled Kayak Logo Boards

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American Whitewater
Team River Runner

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Our logo boards are arguably the most popular thing we do! Whitewater kayaks can have so much sentimental value, and these cutting boards can serve as a reminder of your favorite memories.

These boards are made from 100% recycled kayaks. They measure approx 9.5" by 14.5" weighing between 2-3.5 lbs. The logo surface may have some small imperfections, we cannot process that surface without damaging the logo.

Boat logos are ingrained into the plastic - they are not paint, and are shockingly durable. It is safe to cut on the logo side, we have done this with our personal home cutting board for 2 years and the logo is still easily identifiable. We do, however, recommend primarily using the non-logo surface to extend longevity!

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