Collection: Lettmann

Our name "Lettmann" stands for innovation and quality since 1965.

That's why you'll find not only all of our products and equipment on our websites but also information on our products, history and achievments. Welcome to our family business, we hope you share our passion for paddlesports! This could be the beginning of a long friendship...

Our vision is to share our excitement about kayaking with as many people as possible by creating innovative kayaks, canoes and paddles. Doing this we want to contiously identify and satisfy our customers' and future customers' needs!

To achieve this, we made it our mission to adapt our product line constantly to our customers' needs, technical standards and our own increasing quality demand. Therefore, we are eager continously exchange knowledge, ideas and inspiration with all our stakeholders - whether that's in store, on the phone, or in our workshop.

Have fun browsing through out site. Let us know, if there's anything you need help with!

Your Lettmann-Team from Moers, Germany