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From Alex and Hannah:

"We have been the official organizers of Moosefest and Beaverfest for nearly a decade, and manage the complexities of New York's whitewater release schedule on behalf of American Whitewater. We hope you understand our struggle to navigate multiple legally binding agreements to create a balanced schedule which satisfies both the locals who fought for these first-in-the-nation releases, and our friends from afar who travel to enjoy the region.

Please remember to sign-in to every release on the Moose, Beaver and Raquette, and be respectful to our local communities."


New York Whitewater Release and Events Schedule:


We make the schedule available in a few ways to help people keep track in a way that works best for them. These calendars are updated every winter so once you are subscribed you will always be up-to-date on the release schedule. Hint: Bookmark this page for future easy accessibility!

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Beaverfest Information

Snow Ridge has agreed to host us again on Labor Day Weekend 2023! This venue provides a bar, restaurant, real bathrooms, illuminated skate park, bandstand, disc golf, and a beautiful facility with ample space. We have also added a Friday Bottom Moose release for 2023 to extend the weekend by one day.

Here's the 2022 Beaverfest Announcement Video


 Here's the informational flier that Hannah made for Beaverfest 2022