Collection: Verus Kayaks

From Verus:

Back in 2015, Josh had just dawned his first respirator to learn the art of shaping boats in the garage. While the first few goes were rough, after a long series of prototypes the Volant was born. Our passion for quality and performance drove us to seek out an advanced composite layering system and build the Volant to be a lightweight freestyle machine. But carbon boats aren’t for everyone and we had bigger ideas. In 2017 George joined the team to produce our first small batch of Gladiators for boaters here in the South Eastern US. Rotomolded with High Density Poly Ethylene (HDPE) as bomber as they come, this boat charged off just about every drop we could find in style.

Since then, we’ve only gone deeper down the rabbit hole. While the original Gladiator was tried and true, we knew we had a lot of room for improvement. We tore into our outfitting system and completely redesigned everything down to the cockpit rim. The result being the most versatile boat in our quiver; the Gladiator 2.0. Simultaneously Adam, our mad scientist CAD engineer, was hard at work crafting what would become the Hellbender. Inspired by the full-slice designs of yesteryear, but laced with modern comforts, we made the Hellbender to surf, splat, and squirt every feature the river has to offer. In the spring of 2020 we had two new designs and we were prepared for a full scale launch into the world.

We all know what happened next. Despite challenges, setbacks and general uncertainty, we managed to go with the flow through that now infamous year. We sought out a team of ambassadors, and with their help, worked to bring Verus into the kayaking consciousness across the world. Shouting into the void of the internet, the support of the boating community and people like yourself are what brought us to where we are today. So maybe you’ve seen a Verus boat out on the river, or maybe you’ve just seen us in videos, but we’re here to play and we’re here to stay. Our vision is to make the most fun kayaks out on the river and give you something to ‘YEW’ about. Whether you’re soul surfing in the sunset, or charging over a new horizon line, we think time on the water should be spent with a smile on your face. What started as a dream has turned into a revolution. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on the latest news! Or tune into Verus TV on YouTube for hours of content from the archives.