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Five - High Performance Creeker / Race Boat

Five - High Performance Creeker / Race Boat

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ZET introduces FIVE, the fifth boat in its lineup. Developed together with top paddlers and the ZET team, this new kayak brings all the components a kayaker can wish for in a boat for active moves on whitewater. FIVE is an aggressive whitewater boat, gliding nicely over waves and holes, accelerating like a demon and holding its line without any reduction in speed.


FIVE is a boat for proactive whitewater paddlers. When actively kept under control the kayak will reward with an instant reaction to every stroke. Every eddy carved and hole boofed is bound to bring a smile to a paddler’s face.

The width and the length of the FIVE mean that the boat holds its line perfectly and accelerates very fast. The hull is designed to release well from the water and, as such, to be predictable, yet aggressive in proper whitewater. A rockered bow and balanced hull with no “catchy” features make it easy to maneuver and sensitive to paddle strokes, qualities that mean the boat will perform well in a whitewater race environment.

Designing the FIVE, we have focused intensely, not only on the functionality of the boat but also on the fine details and construction. We believe you will be more than excited about our new kayak, FIVE.








  Weight Range  

270 cm
106 in

65 cm

300 l
79.25 g

91 x 50 cm
36 x 20 in

20 kg
44 lbs


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