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Toro - Sport Utility Kayak

Toro - Sport Utility Kayak

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The TORO is a new generation kayak with a modern bow, great edges, and a fast hull that is still easy to control and change direction.  It truly is the "good for everything" kayak for all skill levels.

ZET has invested in a kayak that every active kayaker will be excited about. The Toro is not specific to only racing or expeditions but is aimed at all categories of paddlers. This boat will support your growth and development as a paddler. The Toro has a modern and progressive bow that is easy to keep light and on top of hydraulics.  A stable stern and innovative hull keep it stable, fast, and maneuverable. This boat is incredibly easy to steer and keep on line. The Toro is a kayak designed for all paddlers who want to enjoy the river in a boat that performs well in all environments.


The outfitting is simple, adjustable, robust, and comfortable. As a result, the paddler is protected from big impacts and the boat is extremely light considering its large size.

Through the use of “Zelezny Technology” Zet has made the Toro both stronger and lighter than other kayaks. Other advantages of Zet Kayaks include a 2-year warranty and:

•  Minimum number of bolts and holes in the kayak

•  Unique foam holder

•  Light and functional seat made from a 'hybrid material'

•  Stable hull

•  Original and progressive design 

 Design input from some of the world's best paddlers







  Weight Range    

270 cm

8ft 9in

68 cm

26.7 in


86 gal

91x 53 cm

36x21 in

21 kg





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